Friday, December 31, 2010


Highlights and Memorable Moments of 2010 — in no particular order, and definitely incomplete! See the accompanying PHOTO ALBUM for even more

First TV junket of the year "The Book of Eli"

Went to San Francisco twice, went to Austin twice, went to Seattle twice, made it to Hawaii and Singapore for the first times, and saw Canada again and again

Coolest, most creative compliment: Paul Bettany told me I look like "a punk rock Rita Hayworth"

Helen Mirren loved my leopard on leopard Steve Madden shoes and silk stockings

Was "Terribly Happy" with Whatley

Froze at "The Wolfman" premiere

Saw able to spend the day with Tiffini

Saw Vadim's "Blood and Roses" with Terrence and Brian and Maria

Went "Crazies" with Tony

Learned from Chris that there's more to mumblecore than I thought

Hung out with what's left of "The Doors"

Did not play it Safe with Terrance

Learned two new words: diagrammatic (A plan, sketch, drawing, or outline designed to demonstrate or explain how something works or to clarify the relationship between the parts of a whole) and cognoscenti (connoisseur, cognoscenti. an expert able to appreciate a field; especially in the fine arts)

Did several photography series, the main being "Friends at the Friendship Bell" & "Project Wardrobe"

Took many photos of Gehry buildings, and even went to his house

Saw Billy Bob again in the studio with The Ventures

Checked out The Art of Stillness with The Other SW

Met Heather Langencamp. Met Vincenzo Natoli and Dario Argento on the same day, plus hung with two of my favorite Repo! men, Ogre and Bill. Also, encountered the "great Brian Trenchard Smith" (in the words of Jimmy, confirmed by MCH)

"Waxed" with Tony and the celebs

Finally saw Sisters, years after my interview with Douglas Buck, and rekindled our communiqu├ęs via Facebook

Got "Ghost Writer" with Shemmy

Saw Helen Mirren again at the Love Ranch junket

Covered low budget horror (2001 Maniacs) and studio big budget (Inception) and everything in between

I took my favorite photos of Bill Moseley and Clu Gulager

Did Comic-Con again, interviewed 99 people in one day

Got up close and personal with Megan Fox's cleavage

Got "Sticky With Champagne" personally from Justin Tranter

Found out that men really, really like to open their coats for me (see: photo album)

Rocked the high heels with @nnette

Saw Ken Russell in the flesh (but didn't get to meet him)

Ran into "my boyfriend" (Malcolm McDowell) a few times

Enjoyed Enzo's birthday breakfast the Top of The Mark

Saw a car wreck and corpse lying on the freeway

"Splat Pack" documentary, with myself as the sole female interviewee, came out on DVD

I taped my segment for the upcoming "Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen" doc

I got older

I got thinner

Heard the same jokes at least 10 times and didn't mind

Had the privilege of being invited into the homes of friends I adore

Was thunderstruck by ponies and lightning bolts

Went to several fantastic exhibits — Diane Arbus photography, Dennis Hopper photography, Beatnik-era ephemera, Leonor Fini, Art by Architects at LACMA

Cut my hair into bangs for the first time since I was 7

I got a job at AOL

I got a job at This Week In

Lisa was very important to me

Amanda and David moved away (boo)

Danny Trejo stopped in the middle of my interview with him to say he liked my outfit

M. Night Shyamalan told me a great story about Tak Fujimoto

I met one the actual Owls of Ga'Hool

Went to some great places with Fariba (she turned me onto Viento y Agua, and I showed her The Edison)

Saw Everything's Eventual, and it was prophetic

Had some fantastic Fulci moments

Got trapped in "The Triangle" with Doug

Was sent to detention by "The Tutor"

I was onstage at least twice that I can remember (judged a costume contest, and presented an award)

Covered ScreamFest, Shreikfest, and other fests that involve vocalizations of some sort (see: mumblecore)

Andrew Lincoln actually remembered me from our very brief interview at Comic-Con, when we met again at the October red carpet for Walking Dead

I read lots and lots of books, mostly memoirs and historical nonfiction

Saw Veronica for the first time in years

MCH and me both crushed on "the blue dress" in Amer

I wrote script for Annabel Lee in an hour of inspiration, put my cast together in the next month, and within 4 days got it shot — my first crack at directing, in the can (or computer, as the case may be) [Began principal photography on John Lennon's assassination date / ended on Jean Rollin's death night]

Had a fantastic "Girl's thrifting" day with most of my very favorite ladies, and plan to make it a regular habit

I missed Marco and Alex

Happy I met Brooke

Saw three of my fave movies with Enzo within 10 days of each other: The Social Network, 127 Hours, and Black Swan

Pamela shared her secret with me

Got good and bloody with "The Chrome Skull"

Had a revelation

Interviewed Colin Farrell while he was wearing nothing but skintight pants and vampire fangs

Photographed many amazing hotels — went inside The W (Hollywood) and The Viceroy (Santa Monica) for the first time

Caught up with Eric, finally

Got my first: Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Jenny Lee Couture [all BARGAINS, too!]

Had some much-needed coffee-tawk with Don

Discovered Jane Jenson and shared the love

Bought a diamond ring I really didn't want

Got me some good Creepy and Debi time

Brushed up again the Bowen beard

Lost the Eclipse

Saw Buz turn 21

Found out Jinny had a baby

Said goodbye to Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, after the fact

Saw my Dad more this year than ever, spent plenty of quality time with family, and enjoyed my birthday with my mom, Anna, Michael, Mhea, Tim and Rita

Enjoyed amazing kindness and lots of love

Last red carpet of the year "Tron"