Monday, April 22, 2013

Staci’s Smoothies

Here are my two latest favorites; I never measure anything exactly, but here are the ingredients. All you need is a standard blender. Very inexpensive meals… I get all the fresh fixings at the .99 Cent Store!




Nonfat milk (about ½ a cup)

Nonfat milk ice-cubes (about 2 or 3)

Frozen fresh banana coins (about 4)

Frozen fresh blackberries (a handful)

Wheat germ (handful)

Bran (spoonful)

Whey protein powder (vanilla, a scoop)




Water (about a cup)

Raw egg (1)

Fresh spinach (handful)

Lettuce (2 leaves)

Tomato (1)

Carrots (2 large)

Butternut squash cubes (about 5)


(if you want some zing, you could add cucumber, lime or red wine vinegar - but I like it plain)
= = =
For excercise these days, I'm doing 4 miles (walking and jogging) in the canyon 3 x a week, treadmill and free weights at home 1 or 2 x a week, and a truly killer Power Pilates 1 x a week. I'll be adding cardio boxing soon.