Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Am The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Another quick pictoblog… can't believe it's only been 10 days since my last one. Seems like I've lived at least one lifetime since then.

Been editing video and typing so many hours on end, I had to hunt down my arm brace (I used to use this in the course of my dead day-job, years ago… still comes in "handy" sometimes).


So swamped, I have not been able to get as much done on the launch of my online clothing stores (Staci-Style, and Net-Frocks). I do have some vintage items at the dry cleaners, ordered my hangtags, and got my mannequin. It's still in the box in the living room, but hopefully I can set it up before I have to leave for Comic-Con, dress it up, take pictures (we're talking hundreds), then get the stores online by early August.



= = =

I've made a couple of non-junket related on-camera appearances lately. I'm in the extras for the Parasomnia DVD (U.S. debut in July), interviewing the filmmakers and talent… the movie was shot before I settled on my signature blue streak! So weird to see (prior to that, I was playing with colored ends, colored underneath, etc., with blue, pink, and violet… but in the video I'm just a plain ol' redhead. Boring… and so dark. I must have been experimenting with shades… my real, natural tone is a light reddish gold).



My other "guest spot" is in the lovely and talented Terrance Zdunich's The Tutor art lessons. Here are a couple of screen-grabs… Too bad The Tudors is wrapped, I could have done a crossover appearance as Staci Of Cleaves.



= = =

Been keeping busy doing my usual red carpets and junkets…

Suicide Girls Must Die!


Saturn Awards




Despicable Me


Love Ranch


The Sorcerer's Apprentice




The above pics are from a little "stand up" intro I did, but I had to pretend like I was holding a magical, glowing and morphing globe as I was talking, then "throw" it at the camera. The visuals will all be added later. While I don't reckon it's too conceited to say I think I am pretty good at winging it in ANY situation ("fake it, till you make it," is my motto) … it's not being too hard on myself to say I would be a terrible, terrible actor. I have the worst grasp on memorization of lines, and having to actually speak and do certain, pre-determined moves at the same time? I am hopeless. I had to do about six takes! I can't wait to see the video when they send it to me. Ha! Still, I had fun with it… we laughed all the way through my flubs.

Another junket tomorrow, red carpets next week... silly me: I keep thinking I'm going to have some me-time (not that I'd know what to do with that, anyway. Although, I am actually about halfway through a novel I am reading for other reason than I want to!).

= = =

Surprisingly, I have found a little time for photo-taking — I took a BUNCH of the black 3000GT (also, a funny road sign… typical downtown L.A. madness!). Plus, sweet Tony and me enjoyed a few hours at Madame Tussaud's last week. For only $20, it's a helluva lot cheaper than renting a set (the figures were fun, but there are a lot many alcoves and stairwells that are LOCATION GOLDMINES! So awesome).





= = =



= = =

I started a Twitter for — there are three of us posting to it, so hopefully it'll help drive some more traffic to the site.


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Been trying to keep up on my artiness. I may catch a Women Photographers Exhibit at MoCA soon. Cool Coralina has a solo exhibit of her art happening in July, but it's in New York. I wish I could go. I miss Manhattan SO MUCH. But, I can't afford to go unless I'm sent for work. And it's been quite a while.

Photobucket - BTW, this image is printable, so if readers in NYC want to print it and present it to MATILDA'S where the art will be showing they can get 20% off their dinner. It's valid from July 15 to September 30, 2010.
= = =

I think that brings me up to date for this little online journal and memory-eBook. This is mostly just for me and IRL friends; my other blog is truly my priority.

Parasomnia DVD Giveaway
The Tutor Website's Twitter

And, on top of all the video coverage for Syfy Channel, TV-Wire/AOL, and good old, I also have the following movie reviews online or at the tips of my fingers: Sisters, Suicide Girls Must Die!, Centurion, Love Ranch, The Blood-Spattered Bride, Dracula (Spanish version), Mad Love, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Predators, Fragile, Tomb of Liegia, Grimm Love, Pig Hunt, and The Haunting.

Photo Galleries Added or Updated:
Another Day, Another Dressing Room
Tony & Staci Wax Museum Shenanigans
Tony's Pics of Me in Alcoves & Stairwells

Friday, June 18, 2010

Everything & Nothing

I'm in one of those weird work limbos where I am spinning my wheels all day and go to bed late at night feeling like this.

hamster wheel

I'm doing a lot, but not seeing instant results (hence, this blog. I am in control! I post, and it appears, by gawd! Assuming there's not a computer crash, a server error or a power outage…).

For instance, today alone I wrote two movie reviews, watched a DVD to review while working out, edited the video for's Jonah Hex premiere coverage, worked on my Clu Gulager article, picked up another junket, posted three articles for AOL Careers, sent an assigned interview to my editor in France, and took care of (my usual) 75-100 emails. But I don't feel like I really accomplished anything… I'm still behind as my To-Do list continues to grow.

There was rather bright spot in my otherwise dreary day, though — a lovely tribute from someone I consider to be one of my closest confidantes and most intriguing friend, Terrance. He kicked off a tribute to "talented friends" in his blog today, and I am the first to be spotlighted (or is that 'spotlit'? He said I'm a good writer, so I'd better get that right! Or is that 'correct'? Hmmm…).


He was also kind enough to give me a little visual shout-out in his most-recent installment of The Tutor video art lesson.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As Seen on (my) TV

Recently watched movies & DVDs…

Being Human Season One (2010 dvd)

Bonnie's Kids (1971) directed by Arthur Marks, not as good as his next film Roommates (or Wonder Women, which he produced), but pretty entertaining.

Dangerous Crossing (1953) mystery on a luxury liner - amazing costumes, the fantastic Jeanne Crain, and Michael Rennie (who never once said, "Jeanne! Klaatu barada nikto!").

Dark Matter (various shorts/short features)

Don't Bother to Knock (1952) early Marilyn Monroe I hadn't seen before; it was a bit dull.

Gay Deceivers (1969) checked this out to see Christopher Riordan, who I met a couple of years ago and is now a friend; he's got a *very* memorable small role! The rest of the film is cute, but pretty dated.

Horror Hospital (1973) fun low-budget horror kitsch.

Life Is Hot In Cracktown (2009) Good people, bad movie.

My Sister's Keeper (2009) dreary 'disease of the week' movie.

Night Nurse (1931) excellent, very early Barbara Stanwyck / Clark Gable film. Loved it!

Panic in the Streets (1950) pretty good pandemic suspenser, directed by Elia Kazan (I appreciate he's a great director, but I do find most of his work too slow and heavy for my taste).

Pickup on South Street (1953) most excellent Samuel Fuller written (superb dialogue!) and directed crime drama starring Richard Widmark and Thelma Ritter… so good. This was a lucky pickup flick, when my DVR got stuck and recorded movies for 7 hours.

REC2 (2010) loved it, reviewed it at

Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975) not my cup o' cocaine tea.

Sisters (2006 remake) pretty good! I'm gonna review it for

Black Angel (1946), starring Peter Lorre and based on a Cornell Woolrich novel (his writing was the fodder for MANY a 60s and 70s giallo), pretty entertaining (excessive lounge singer numbers notwithstanding), but the best character, Marvis Marlow, gets killed off right away.

The Blue Gardenia (1953) great old noir with a bit of a twist (the usual "wronged man" central character is a woman), directed by Fritz Lang.

The Cowboy & The Frenchman (1988 David Lynch short film) awful!

The Crazies (2010 remake) just as fun the second time around.

The Poker House (2008) directed by Lori Petty; starts out strong, but never goes anywhere. I liked the 1970s setting though.

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) directed by Billy Wilder, some excellent acting and sets, locations, etc., but too long.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) very taken with it! I'd watch again. Love Woody Allen.

Whatever Works (2009) More Woody Allen… didn't love this one so much, though.

Wild Grass (2009) strange and quirky French flick with an ending that's like the series finale of The Sopranos and the final frame of No Country For Old Men… but weirder. And not in a good way.

Zach and Miri Make A Porno (2009) better than I thought it would be; lately Kevin Smith's really been letting me down, but this was good. Gotta be the Elizabeth Banks factor.

In the cue…

Too many DVDs to review / mention, lots of stuff in the DVR I've already seen but want to watch again (Laura, Dr. Zhivago, Amelie, Amadeus, and a few other epics one really has to be in the mood for).

Want to see…

Antichrist (been dying to see it, missed it on the big screen)

Busby Berkely Musicals (seen a few, would like to see more… with the mute button on)

Female (an old "forbidden Hollywood" movie)

He Walked By Night (recommended to me)

Mad Love (Peter Lorre)

Madame Satan (De Mille)

Midnight Mary (another old "forbidden Hollywood" movie about a 'lady of the evening')

Penthouse (Myrna Loy)

Redheaded Woman (Jean Harlow)

The Letter (the original, a 1929 talkie)

The Seven-Percent Solution (Sherlock Holmes)

Wendy and Lucy (looks really good)

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