Thursday, December 20, 2012

Type A, B, C, D Personality

So last night I was talking to a friend of mine about dating and I showed her a picture of a guy I see off and on, and she was like, "I didn't know you swung that way!" Then I realized, "Oh, yeah: he's black." I never really think of people in terms of ethnicity, or religion, or social status, etc. I always regard the people whose company I keep in direct relation to how they treat me, what's the content of their character, and whether they are positive, open, and fun to be with.

I've dated younger guys, older guys, broke guys, rich guys, blondes, Asians, exotic foreigners, and bland surfer dudes. Funny, only one person ever pegged me as not having a "type" — and it just happened to be on a blind date — this perceptive fella said, "I can see you with a Wall Street broker one week, and a street musician the next." So true!

Another friend of mine, a fellow singleton, was telling me about this book she was reading a few weeks ago, something about How To Find Your Soul Mate. And one of the things in the book was on the importance of making a very specific list of what you want in a man. And, what you don't want. She said, something like, "100 things, and specific, like Boxers vs Briefs." Mind: blown. I can't think of 100 rigid, specific things I want, to the exclusion of others. There are lots of things I want, and some I don't want, but there are few deal-breakers.

That's why I could never, ever fill out a quiz like this… I want to tic of *ALL* the boxes. (Or at least add an "All of the Above" option.)

So, sure… my ideal man has the wit & wisdom of Oscar Wilde. The philosophical nature of Bob Dylan. The artistic style of Jean Luc Godard. The sexual & romantic prowess of Richard Burton. The entrepreneurial flair of Richard Branson. The curiosity of Michio Kaku. The humor of Johnny Carson. The fashion sense of David Bowie. The autonomy of Jack Kerouac. The musical talent of Jack White. The grace & charm of Errol Flynn. But… I am open to negotiation!

I wonder if having a "type" isn't more of a male thing? I used to think I just liked blondes, because my first serious boyfriend was blonde, and I always loved Brad Pitt, Robert Plant, and so forth… but I never wound up actually dating many of them. (Blondes, I mean. Because I totally went out with Brad Pitt and Robert Plant.)

I like good looks as much as anyone, and I've dated some drop-dead gorgeous men, but prettiness ain't a prerequisite: as long as a guy can rock the ugly with style and panache, I'm down. But when I was talking to another friend of mine — a guy — about this, he said men aren't nearly as willing to overlook less-than acceptable physical traits. Is this true? Do you agree?

Do *you* have a type?

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