Friday, January 4, 2013

The Social Network (minus Jesse Eisenberg)

Wow. I am on at least 25 social networking / opinion / blogging / photo / mixer / job-hunting websites and apps… I absolutely cannot keep up and I am unable to really track why I'm more popular on some platforms (5,000 friends-limit on Facebook, less than 100 followers on Instagram).

Blogspot / Blogger
Instagram @stacilayne
Media Bistro
Now Casting

I thought it would be a good idea to blog more, so I rekindled my blogspot and warmed up the old data-entry digits, then I read somewhere that blogs are old hat (even the word is passĂ©) and Tumblr is the wave of the future. I have a Tumblr account, but I have never used it. And so now I'm thinking… should I?

There are so many choices out there and so many things that will create a black-hole of time-sucking quicksand for those of us (read: freelancers) who must rely on online connections in order to find and sustain an income. I do dozens of things to keep afloat: from selling goods on eBay, to professional writing, to directing webisodes. Nowadays, work and pleasure are inextricably mixed and friends (virtual, and IRL) are employers and employees. I love this life, but I sometimes find it overwhelming.

I ask myself… Should I clean slate everything? Should I just shut down some accounts entirely so they're not lingering in the back of my mind? What do I really need Instagram for? Should I use Instagram only for the art and vintage clothes I'm selling on Etsy? Or should I get a cat [#catsofinstagram] and increase my followers that way?

What about this blog… Should I have posted all this on Tumblr instead?

Never mind all this. I think I'll go out and talk to a person today!

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