Friday, February 1, 2013 Steered Me Wrong

I guess it's ironic that I'm on day 6 of a cleansing fast, yet I still followed the links to a restaurant meal coupon I got in this morning's usual avalanche of email. I'm not even hungry. And what's more, I have vouchers I bought 6 months ago, and still haven't used. But, curiosity fed the cat and all that, so I decided to have a look at what's available in my area.

One of the search terms I always use when looking for a potential dining day out, is "romantic" — regardless of whether it's for a date. I like quiet; I don't like screaming kids. I like atmosphere; I don't like sawdust floors. I like soft music; I don't like flatscreens blaring football. I like booths; not benches. You get the picture, right?

So, I clicked onto searched in my immediate area, asked for "romantic dining" and, well, let's just say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Name: Taqueria Los Tres Hermanos. Nothing says love like fried burritos and sweaty siblings. Cupid (and his two brothers) would be appalled! (But the rusty bars going across the front of the establishment are a nice touch.)

Location: Van Nuys, at Sherman Way. Ah, yes… what couple will ever forget date night spent dodging gang-banger gunfire in the parking lot?

Interior: Not exactly crystal chandeliers and red velvet, is it?

Cuisine: If you eat this on a romantic date, the only thing you'll be reaching for in bed later is the Pepto Bismol.

My question… who on earth aside from maybe Fabio's evil twin would consider this restaurant "romantic"?

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